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New Trend as Buyers Now Favor Furnished Properties
Turnkey properties are gaining in popularity around the world, particularly for high-end buyers. From luxury homes in Miami-Beach to homes across luxury areas in Mexico, buyers are now turning to furnished homes for the optimal level of comfort and style.
Home Buyers Say Rising Interest Rates are Top Concern
Our team continues to analyze the marketplace and provide buyers with the latest information on the trends we revealed. It’s critical to consider homebuyer sentiment within the real estate industry, as this is a leading indicator on the areas of concern.
The Latest Trends in the Irvine Real Estate Market
By understanding more on the latest trends within their local real estate market, buyers can pinpoint purchase opportunities and achieve a lucrative return on investment. To achieve a clearer picture on a local marketplace however, buyers must turn to real estate experts for cutting-edge data.
Arrival of Winter Weather Prompts Boom in Visitor Numbers Across Local Ski Resorts
It’s the time in the year when winter sports lovers across Southern California look for a local resort to test out their newest equipment. Whether you’re a snowboarder or a skier, Southern California offers a range of sports resorts for fast-paced winter action.
The Benefits of Selling Your Orange County Real Estate in the Current Market
The decision to sell your home is not one that should be taken without considering your own personal circumstances and the current market. When evaluating the local data, it’s critical to take a lucrative selling opportunity as it arises.
Southern California is Home to World Class Golf Courses
Golf is one of the number one sports played by Americans. 29 million people across the country regularly play golf with local groups. It’s part of the reason the country has become known for creating some of the world’s finest golf courses.
A Guide to Pelican Hill – Luxury Real Estate Situated on the Newport Coast
Luxury real estate buyers from across the nation are setting their sights on Newport Coast. The Newport Coast community has attracted the attention of all types of buyers as the site communities continue to develop.
Why Have One Stream of Income When You Can Have Multiple?
Many families are struggling to retain the value of their rented single family residence. One of the foremost challenges families are facing is they cannot rent the space cost-effectively while also balancing the risks of single family property ownership as a landlord.
Smaller Pool of Renters
The number of renters available to you as a single-family property owner is lower compared to owning multi-family properties. Rents can be made more affordable within multi-family buildings, ensuring multi-family buildings often have various units suitable to unique renter profiles.
A Look at the Impact of China on the U.S. Real Estate Market in 2017
Foreign influence on the U.S. real estate market can be a challenging concept for many to grasp. There are numerous factors that influence real estate pricing locally, and foreign investment from buyers across the globe is a leading consideration.