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The Orange County housing market is lively and thriving, and this could be an excellent time to sell. However, before selling your home in Orange County, its a good idea to put in some basic repairs and fixes. Besides helping improve your chances of getting your asking price, these tips from Stanfield Real Estate can also make a significant difference in the length of time it stays on the market before selling.

If You Want to Sell Your Home in Orange County, Implement These Fixes!

1. The Roof
For many buyers, the roof is the ultimate proof of how much a previous owner cared for their home. Plus, it’s expensive for them to repair for themselves. A well-maintained roof will improve your curb appeal and make your home more enticing to potential buyers.

2. Landscaping
It goes without saying that the exterior of the building itself should be immaculate, but sellers shouldn’t overlook their grounds! If anything, the landscaping should look even better when the house is for sale than during its day-to-day use. Beautiful grounds make sales easier.

3. The Two Most Important Rooms
There are two rooms in your house which will make or break a sale: the kitchen and the master bath. Focus your interior efforts on these two spaces to really “wow” visitors. In many cases, upgrades and renovations can bring higher sale prices than they cost to install.

4. Flooring
One thing a buyer does not want to hear when they are exploring a property are creaks or cracks. If there are any problem spots in your flooring, particularly ones which cause noise, now is the time to fix them. Note that covering them up with carpets is not a good solution if the buyer looks underneath, you may lose a potential sale if the buyer sees those hidden cracks.

5. Control Systems
Buyers today – particularly younger buyers – love home automation and other computerized control systems. If such upgrades aren’t in your budget, at least replace any analog control devices – such as old-style thermostats – with digital variants instead. Buyers love having technology on their side.

Trust Stanfield with Your Orange County Home Sale

As part of Sotheby’s International, Stanfield Real Estate is well-accustomed to handling some of the largest and best properties in the OC area. We can ensure that your property is well taken care of, shown to the right people, and sold for an excellent price. Contact us today to learn more about selling your Orange County home.