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Turnkey properties are gaining in popularity around the world, particularly for high-end buyers. From luxury homes in Miami-Beach to homes across luxury areas in Mexico, buyers are now turning to furnished homes for the optimal level of comfort and style. Our team here at Stanfield Real Estate has significant experience within the luxury real estate marketplace, and so to help future buyers understand this trend we’ll look at the benefits of buying furnished properties in this latest post.


Many of the leading properties now offered fully furnished through developers have had their interior designed by experts. This means the buyer can simply focus on the moving process without having to consider how they will update the home after their move. The use of a professional design team is often preferred by luxury buyers because it ensures they can build the ideal ambience within the home, and don’t have to wait to host events within the property. They can immediately begin enjoying the benefits of luxury home ownership.


When transitioning to a furnished property, the buyer can minimize their moving requirements. They don’t have to spend thousands working with a moving company to transport their furniture to the new home. They also don’t have to spend weeks planning the process with precision to ensure furniture arrives safely and in the optimal condition. This is especially important for those that are moving to a new country. The customs process can make moving furniture from one country to the next a challenging proposition. Besides the paperwork and the time involved, the process can also be exceptionally costly. It’s one leading benefit of having a furnished home simply waiting for the buyer’s arrival.


In addition to having their homes furnished, luxury buyers are now investing in further amenities for their property. For example, some buyers are choosing turnkey options that include access to a home butler and personal shopper. This is the preferred option for many buyers within the international business marketplace, as they often don’t have the time to take on home errands and complete the work required to maintain their home. They turn to turnkey solutions to ensure the property is kept in immaculate condition and their needs are met with precision while they complete their work. It’s a refined option for luxury buyers across the globe.


Here at Stansfield Real Estate, we partner with luxury home buyers to ensure they find that ideal property that matches their lifestyle and their long-term purchase requirements. We have experienced team members available on short notice to handle all the purchase details. It’s a process designed for the discerning buyer and their unique market requirements. To discover more on the latest trends in the luxury real estate marketplace, as well as the latest service available to luxury buyers in the U.S., call our team now at 949.392.5600.