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Even in an area known for its spectacular architecture and natural beauty, the iconic “Rock House” on Laguna Beach is in a class of its own. Widely considered one of the most recognizable, notable, and desirable homes in Laguna Beach, this is a true masterpiece of architectural art from designer Brion Jeannette.

The Rock House (31107 Coast, Laguna Beach) is currently available from the top California real estate firm, Stanfield, and is awaiting the right buyer who will appreciate its amazing features while maintaining this symbol of Laguna Beach creativity.


The Rock House lives up to its name – carved directly into a large boulder situated on Laguna Beach. Construction of the property involved lifting off the top side of the boulder to construct within it, then placing the top back on so that the concrete roof and the boulder flow into each other organically. This reliance on the natural features of the property also lend the Rock House superior energy-conserving elements, being kept naturally cool year-round by its rocky surrounding.

Taking inspiration from the ocean and from Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, the overall design can only be described as “organic.” Flowing lines guide a visitor throughout the home and its surrounding landscape. Few straight lines or hard angles are in evidence anywhere, creating the effect of a home which seems to have sprung out of the beach itself.

This effect is enhanced through the inclusion of a live water wall bordering the front door which, in fact, flows throughout the house while being fed from the ocean itself. The merger of water, rock, and human elements is nearly seamless throughout.

Glass dominates the front on both levels, granting exquisite views of the ocean throughout the day and night. The master bedroom, living area, and other rooms all open directly out onto the beach for easy access. This home would be exceptional for hosting guests, parties, or for renting out as a filming location.

Custom touches abound throughout the house. Rooms such as the master bathroom are adorned with hand-crafted stone fish scales, each unique. Nautilus shells and abalone shells are integrated directly into the floors and walls. Skylights bring in natural light throughout the home, calling even greater attention to its artistic flourishes.
One could live a lifetime in the Rock House, and still never see all the tiny details in its design.


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