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Home marketing is one of the most important aspects of the sales process. By marketing your property effectively, you can streamline the sale and reach out to a large number of target buyers. But one of the most important questions many sellers are now considering is whether to stage their home as part of their marketing strategy. In this latest post, our team will answer the question “Should I stage my property in Orange County before selling?”


The latest data shows that when homeowners stage their home, the property spends a shorter amount of time on the market. This means that there is significant value within the home staging process. A recent study of realtors found that most buyers offer up to 5% more on homes that have been staged professionally. This could mean you sell your home for tens of thousands of dollars over asking price, simply by staging the property effectively.


Staging services continue to offer sellers a great return for their investment. The average price for staging a home in the United States is between three and five thousand dollars, while most real estate agents believe that staging can improve a home’s value by up to 5%. This means that, owners with a property valued at more than $200,000 will more than double their return on investment in home staging.


In considering whether to stage your Orange County property, it’s important to understand why home staging works and why the service is becoming more popular throughout the U.S. real estate industry. The home staging process ensures the following:

-Buyers visualize their family in the home. By removing the clutter and designing the home with a clean and fresh appeal, home stagers can help prospective buyers visualize their families living within the property. This increases the buyer’s connection to the home.

-Standing out from the competition. Home stagers can help you capitalize on the unique value of your home. They can accentuate key features that allow the property to stand out across the marketplace. This can also increase the number of qualified buyers for the property, potentially leading to bidding wars.

-A network of experts. Home stagers provide you with access to other experts who can help to enhance the look and appeal of your property. They have community links with painters, furniture companies, and cabinetry experts, for example, who can optimize the space to present a clear vision to your target buyers.

Through the effective use of home staging services, you can reduce the time your property spends on the market, increase the value of your home, and captivate target audiences throughout the region. To learn more on how to stage property in Orange County, call our team now at 949.392.5600.

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