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The number of renters available to you as a single-family property owner is lower compared to owning multi-family properties. Rents can be made more affordable within multi-family buildings, ensuring multi-family buildings often have various units suitable to unique renter profiles. This will help you in ensuring high tenant numbers throughout your ownership. It’s one of the ways in which multi-family property owners can reduce the amount of time it takes to gain a return for their investment.


When considering how best to complete a 1031 exchange and swap your single-family investment property for a multi-family building, it’s imperative you have all the data at your disposal ready to make the right decision. Our trusted team is here to give you all the details you need!

We can help you carry out a free 1031 exchange analysis, which takes into consideration all the elements involved in your ownership. Our experts have helped investors improve their returns while lowering their risks through the 1031 exchange process. To learn more on how to complete a 1031 exchange and have a free, no obligation analysis completed by our team, call now at 949.343.0202.

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