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The decision to sell your home is not one that should be taken without considering your own personal circumstances and the current market. When evaluating the local data, it’s critical to take a lucrative selling opportunity as it arises. Our team here at Stanfield Real Estate works with home owners to help them make the right decision at the right time using the latest market dynamics. In this latest post, we’ll take a look at a few of the data points signaling that now is the right time to place your Orange County real estate on the market.


Within various communities throughout the Orange County real estate market, there are areas with very low inventory of available homes for sale. While this might not translate to higher home values, it does mean that buyers are competing strongly for the few homes available, and this could help enhance the prices sellers receive. The low inventory also means that any homes that are on the marketplace are bought quickly by buyers from across the globe.


The U.S. real estate market is now seeing (in some areas) the property values exceeding the last real estate boom in 2004-2005. This could indicate we’re getting closer to the peak levels across the country. The Orange County real estate market has experienced its own significant growth in recent years, and we’re now reaching a point where record numbers are being achieved.


The Trump presidency has impacted the economy outlook across the country. If an infrastructure plan is put in place by the new government, as promised, then interest rate rises are likely to occur. This means buyers seeking a loan now could be paying a lower long-term purchase price for their home than the buyer purchasing in a year’s time. Selling your home now and buying in the current low rate environment can help you save thousands of dollars on your purchase.


Business leaders from across the country are increasingly optimistic on the real estate market. The data points to tangible improvements in real estate value this year and there are now an increasing number of buyers sharing this optimism about the opportunities available. You could capitalize on this optimism by placing your home on the marketplace at above-market pricing.

Our experts here at Stanfield Real Estate work tirelessly to review the trends and dissect the data points to deliver you clear insights. To ensure you’re working with a local Orange County real estate expert for your home sale, call us directly today at 949.392.5600.

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