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The latest industry data shows that those selling real estate in Orange County should put their home up for sale between April 16 and April 30 to reduce their time on the market by as much as 15 days. The data also shows that listing a home for sale in Orange County during these dates can improve the sales price by as much as 1%. This means it’s coming up to the ideal time for selling real estate in Orange County for all types of owner. Within this article, we’ll highlight the importance of timing when selling Orange County real estate.


As we’re closer to the start of the year, there are fewer homes on the marketplace. Many sellers wait until the late spring and early summer months before even making the decision to sell. And this can mean that buyers have fewer options when reviewing the available homes in the local listings. Listing a home during the early spring season puts Orange County sellers at an advantage with greater market visibility.


Many buyers wait until the early spring season after the winter to buy property. There are numerous reasons for the higher number of buyers in the market at this time. One is that this time of the year, when the clocks have turned forward allows busy professionals to visit homes in the daylight after their work has been completed for the day. This gives them a full insight into any maintenance required for the property. In addition, the number of buyers is boosted by buyers who have chosen to purchase in 2017 and those who have been searching since last year and are eager to close a deal. The greater number buyers on the market also increase the chances of bidding wars on for sale properties.


In choosing to sell during the springtime, sellers can afford to be pickier about the type of bids they accept. Rather than struggle with a winter home sale and accept a low bid, they know they can wait several months for the right bid to come along. There are now several months ahead for buyers to visit the property and make their bids. And so, sellers don’t have to settle on a low-ball offer that doesn’t represent full value for their home. The timing also means that sellers can find out whether there are any repairs that must be completed before selling their home later in 2017. Starting now means they’re fully prepared for any delays within the selling process.

The team at Stanfield Real Estate is committed to helping owners in selling their real estate in Orange County this spring season. To learn more on the advantages of a spring sale, speak with our experienced team now via 949.392.5600.

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