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By reviewing the latest data from the industry, home sellers can find qualified real estate professionals within their region. In states such as California, there are many qualified real estate firms ready to support sellers in achieving maximum market visibility and higher sales values. Stanfield Real Estate is continually recognized as a leading specialist in the local California marketplace, and in 2016, it was honored as one of the top real estate teams not only in the State, but also in the entire country in the Wall Street Journal/REAL Trends rankings.


The prestigious ranking in California highlights Stanfield Real Estate’s understanding of the local real estate marketplace and the team’s commitment to helping sellers across California bring their home to varied audiences. Each member of their team brings a unique skillset to the group table and is able to support our growing brand in meeting the demands of sellers throughout the region.


The Top 10 Real Estate Teams position in the U.S. in the Wall Street Journal/REAL Trends rankings also shows Stanfield Real Estate is becoming a known leader in the national marketplace. The company has proven its commitment to guiding sellers across the country to connect with buyers wanting to purchase local luxury homes in desirable areas. One of the leading reasons so many sellers now turn to the trusted team at Stanfield Real Estate is because its members understand the unique challenges faced in the marketplace, and they can help resolve those challenges while presenting property sales and marketing services unavailable to sellers represented by other firms.


Across California, sellers have come to depend on Stanfield Real Estate’s team for delivering unprecedented knowledge on the local marketplace and on real estate regulations. Buyers, both U.S. and internationally based, now work with Stanfield Real Estate to buy luxury properties built for discerning homeowners. And this means sellers have a direct connection to a thriving global marketplace, ready for a streamlined and successful sale.

The client-focused services offered through Stanfield Real Estate continue to help the company grow and reach new marketplaces both nationally and worldwide, while its recognition in the Wall Street Journal highlights the level of business their skilled team completes.


As one of California’s and the nation’s top real estate teams, Stanfield Real Estate is always available to guide and educate buyers and sellers on the team’s services, and to help those discerning clients complete home sales according to Stanfield’s unique pricing parameters and timelines. To discover more on our company and services, contact the team directly now. A qualified specialist will be in touch with you shortly.

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More than ever, a trusted real estate advisor is integral to wealth management. Stanfield Real Estate looks forward to earning your family’s trust and leveraging our success for your benefit for generations to come.