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Why Top Economists suggest that the best time to sell your home is Now or before 2020.
Planning to sell your home? Top Economists and housing experts believe that now is the best time to sell before the country enters the forecasted recession sometime in 2020. Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal carried out a survey from top economists in the country including those from the private-sector, and around 59 percent
The Madison
The Madison Club is the most exclusive and private residential community in La Quinta. Homeowners and members are offered a lifestyle of exclusive privileges. Check the Five best things about living in Madison Club today.
Summary of New Tax Laws recently signed by the President
The President signed the new tax bill into law. Troy R. Barnett from Barnett and Company, Inc. creates a summary of the new tax laws. Read on and find out the implications of this in our taxes. Individual Rates There will be a slight adjustment to all tax rates.
Making A Move: How Pet Owners Can Ensure The Big Day Goes Smoothly
For many pet owners, moving day looms ahead like a task they’d rather not have to deal with. Even though moving can be exciting and may signal a positive change, it often brings a lot of stress and anxiety, for both the pet and the owner.
Come Sail Away | The Yachting Lifestyle
For sailors, life coalesces around all things wet and blue. It is a world of freedom, challenges and discoveries. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of leaning into the wind, whether it’s for a race or for the distant shores of a quiet anchorage.
Tax Reform Summary and Effect
Tax Reform. What does that mean for our real estate market in Southern California? As the U.S. Congress works on the Tax Reform Act, we anxiously await the outcome and wonder about the impact it might have. It is assumed there will be significant bearing on Southern California real estate.
Four Reasons to Work with a Top Real Estate Team in Orange County
Our Stanfield team highlights some important reasons you should work with a top real estate team in Orange County. Find out the benefits & how Stanfield can help!
Five Essential Fixes Before Selling a Home in Orange County
The Orange County housing market is lively and thriving, and this could be an excellent time to sell. However, before selling your home in Orange County, it’s a good idea to put in some basic repairs and fixes. Besides helping improve your chances of getting your asking price, these tips from Stanfield Real Estate can also make a significant difference in the length of time it stays on the market before selling.
Five Things to Consider Before Putting Your Orange County Home on the Real Estate Market
Deciding to sell their home is a major choice for many homeowners, one that should not be made lightly. Selling real estate in Orange County can be complicated and confusing, especially if done without the help of a real estate professional, such as those here at Stanfield Real Estate.
One of the Most Iconic Properties in Laguna Beach
Even in an area known for its spectacular architecture and natural beauty, the iconic “Rock House” on Laguna Beach is in a class of its own. Widely considered one of the most recognizable, notable, and desirable homes in Laguna Beach, this is a true masterpiece of architectural art from designer Brion Jeannette.